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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The London Eye

After settling in at our hotel, we are met by our cousin who takes us on a spin through London. More gawping as the famous landmarks go flying by – Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament with the famous clock tower... We will be revisiting these in about a month’s time, so for the moment, the camera stays silent while I absorb this City that practically oozes history and literature.
On one’s first day in London, may as well get the bird’s eye view, so we are kindly treated to a ‘flight’ on the London Eye.

View along the bank while waiting in the queue to ride the Eye.

Charing Cross Station

The Houses of Parliament. Big Ben is not actually the name of the clock tower, but the bell inside.

No picture of London is complete without St Paul's! Also look out for the Gherkin, built in 2004