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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Shots from Sydney

This week I spent three days in Sydney for a conference. In between learning about software and information architecture, I ducked out into the coldest few Spring days for several years to catch some of the surrounding views.

Sandringham Gardens Gate
Inside Hyde Park is a small but impeccably kept garden as a memorial to George V and George VI. Looking at the detail of the gates, I thought I could spot the initials GR incorporated in the patterns.

War Memorial Frieze
It was far too wet and windy to get a shot of the Pool of Reflection, so I went for one of my typical close up shots of the frieze on the east-facing wall of the memorial.

War Memorial Deco
There was such a wealth of Art Deco in Sydney. Due to the bad weather I couldn't line up any shots except this one, but the pictures in my mind I shan't forget.

St Mary's Detail
Over a side door of the magnificent St Mary's Cathedral

Town Hall
I could see the Town Hall from my hotel window and just about managed to get out at a time with enough light to bring out the ornate tower.

Down The Rabbit Hole
This quirky door and stairwell was in the Queen Victoria Building and looks for all the world like something out of Alice in Wonderland. While I don't normally put effects on my photos, this one seemed to warrant a soft focus look to suit the surreal dreamlike appearance.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Band of brothers...

Taken at the Grand Champion garden in Toowoomba.
I originally thought it was the deep magenta that caught my eye, but on looking at the image later I realised it was the multitude of little bullseyes, so this got the B&W treatment.