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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Inside the Royal Bull's Head Inn

In Drayton is one of Queensland's few National Trust properties. I have been meaning to get to the Royal Bull's Head Inn for some time and as my own personal celebration of Queensland's 150th Anniversary, finally made it there this year.

It was a windy, rainy day and the fascinating interior of this well preserved inn turned into an exercise in available light photography. All of these images are tripod shot and window lit.

Miss Amy Johnson. The bedrooms upstairs have layer upon layer of wallpaper as well as pinup girls from the world of sport and in this case, aviation. Miss Johnston must have become a cover girl after being the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia.

Washstand. This is from one of the downstairs, and grander, bedrooms. Lurking in the shadows is a very heavy trunk that accompanied one of the owner/residents of the inn during her voyage from England to Australia. Unlike Amy Johnson, she would have made the crossing on a steamship.

More trunks. This time made of metal.

The piano. Situated in the parlour and too fragile to play now, nevertheless this beautiful walnut instrument would have entertained many a guest.

The chair. From the coffee room upstairs, this is my favourite of the pictures I took. It looks for all the world as though placed in its corner for an impressionist painter to spot.