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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Destination Canterbury

This is Wednesday 24 June and we join our Globus tour group who will be our travelling companions for the next 22 days. Heading straight from London to our first stop Canterbury.

The South Bank Lion bids us goodbye as we cross Westminster bridge.

Looking through a Canterbury street towards the great cathedral. (Following the scaffolding trend that we seem to have, the famous gate to the cathedral is undergoing maintenance, so I can't get a shot of the church through the arch unless I want it with unasthetic metal bars and green mesh..)

Canterbury cathedral is the most important church in England being the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury who is the chief cleric for the Church of England. Thomas Becket was murdered here and a candle burns continually to his memory. It was to his shrine that loyal pilgrims would travel, telling each other stories to while away the time - hence the inspiration for Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

This building is suitably impressive in size and style. Naturally, I went shutter mad and the following is a collection of impressions.