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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Arrival London

It has been a long night waking in fits and starts, a poor baby has been crying nearly the whole trip. I am awake as we fly over Lahore, looking out for the Big and Little Dippers in the clear sky. It is something special to be just that bit closer to the stars and think of their Maker. Tuesday 23 June - We had breakfast over Russia while chasing the sunrise. Heathrow is surprisingly straightforward and apart from the queue for border clearance, we are in and out in a jiffy and soon on the Globus courtesy shuttle which takes half an hour just to tear around Heathrow. Once we hit the road to London, I am gawping out the window at the houses, foxgloves, willows, beech trees, oaks, general Englishness and snapping indiscriminately and inartistically at The First Pedestrian Light and The First Double Decker Bus... Hopefully the child-in-the-lolly-shop feeling will die down a bit soon and I can take some decent photos!