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Monday, August 25, 2008

Brisbane Art Deco

With my dear photographer friends over at Monochrome Brisbane, I have been revelling in one of my favourite eras of design and capturing examples of Art Deco in Brisbane.
You can see the fruits of our labours [here].

Some of the images I took during the assignment were shot for their colour as much as for the elements of Deco.

The Manor Apartments have to be one of the most elaborate Deco buildings in the CBD. My black and white images are [here] but the honey and gold tones of the stained glass begged to be caught in colour.

The slightly weathered Spanish dancer is all that is left of the facade of the El Dorado cinema at Indooropilly. This great example of Deco relief found herself displaced from her proud spot above the entry. Indeed she would feel rather out place among the new techno cladding. She now hides around the corner of the building on a side wall.

One of the most iconic Brisbane buildings, featured on many a XXXX beer bottle, and a solid chunk of Deco industrial architecture, the Castlemain Brewery in Milton boasts rich brickwork and plaster chevrons. Regular Milton Road commuters may find this image evoking the pungent tang of malt in the air.